Sustainable products

«Rynag Green Line»

Rynag takes care of a climate-friendly production of carrying handles. It is important to us to return valuable materials to the cycle without any loss of resources. We constantly publish new products in the Rynag News. Curious? Neue Produkte publizieren wir laufend in den Rynag-News. Neugierig?

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80 % of the company's own energy requirements are produced in-house

  • Rynag handles resources sustainably and has already set a milestone in 2012. The company's own photovoltaic system on Rynag's roofs produces more than 140,000 kWh of electricity over an area of over 800 m2 - covering 80% of the company's own energy requirements
  • Rynag AG has been certified as 100% Co2-neutral by Climate Investor Ltd. (Ci).

Waste separation

neutral disposal

  • Rynag recycles consistently. Various materials such as polyethylene, cartons and PET bottles are collected by an expert and expertly recycled.

Responsible transport management

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  • Our goods are shipped with selected transport partners. In doing so, we pay attention to sustainability.  Parcels are sent climate-neutrally and pallet deliveries are sent to their destination by rail wherever possible.

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