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Sealing tapes

Packaging adhesive tapes

Adhesive masking tapes

Reliable masking and protection

With our high-quality adhesive tapes, you can reliably and efficiently tape indoor and outdoor areas and protect surfaces in various processes

Our wide range of adhesive masking tapes are suitable for covering surfaces in various processes in industry and trade which are not to be coated or sprayed during treatment, for example in the following techniques and applications:

  • Wet painting
  • Powder coating
  • Sandblasting Galvanising
  • Quality in detail.
  • Surface protection
  • Crepe paperis characterised by its stretchable and soft properties and is available from creped to smooth paper. The crepe tapes are temperature resistant up to a maximum of 160° C

  • Washi paper (gold crêpe)is suitable for long and straight edges with 2-colour lacquering and has a very high UV resistance

  • PETis a special carrier material made of PET film and is particularly suitable for high temperatures (e.g. powder coating).

  • PVCis suitable for covering during electroplating and etching and has good resistance to acids and alkalis.

At a glance

  • Various carrier types are available: Fabric, fleece, foam, PET, polypropylene, PVC, acrylate solid and foamed, transfer (without carrier)
  • Dimensions, designs and thickness are freely selectable
  • Large assortment, even for very small quantities, available from stock

Fabric tapes

Simplifying complex processes

Our fabric tapes optimise complex production processes and simplify your daily work. We offer an extensive assortment for versatile requirements in industry and trade.

The fabric The fabric carrier is responsible for flexibility, mechanical strength, manual tearability and many other special features of the adhesive tape.

An important quality criterion is the "mesh number", the number of threads in longitudinal and transverse direction in the fabric per inch2. The higher the mesh number, the higher the strip quality.

Tailor-made Various qualities are available in log rolls and can be individually cut or punched. In order to keep the delivery times short and the prices low, we store your special production with us.

The premium fabric tapes can be used very well for thermal and mechanical loads. They offer flexibility, resistance to ageing, weathering and water, strong tearing forces and high tack.

The standard woven fabric tapes are universal and can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. They are easy to mark, easy to tear by hand and have good adhesive properties

These so-called concrete bands are mainly used outdoors. Their weather resistance, good adhesive strength and hand tearability are suitable for industry and trade.

At a glance

  • Available in different qualities: Premium, Standard and Duct Tape
  • Various colours available, glossy or matt
  • A large assortment is available from stock, even in very small quantities
  • Fabric tapes are also available in special widths or as punched blanks

Sealing tapes

Sealing tapes prevent unwanted mass transfer through a sluice. For example, windows and doors including frames are sealed. In industry, high-performance profile seals are used above all.

All tapes are one-sided self-adhesive. On request also double-sided adhesive or non-adhesive tapes are available. There are various materials available with mesh or fabric as stretch protection. Special designs are also possible.

Polyurethane (PU) is a versatile gasket material with a polyester intermediate carrier to protect against overstretching

Polyethylene (PE) is suitable for use as a backing tape for the glazing industry and as a sealing material in ventilation, mechanical and apparatus engineering

Ethylene-propylene-diene (EPDM) is very suitable for construction technology.

Neoprene is well resistant to ageing, resistant to oils, greases and various chemicals

PVC is very soft, self-extinguishing and versatile.

At a glance

  • Different carriers can be used depending on the application
  • Individual widths on request
  • Large assortment available from stock

For which application do you need a sealing tape?

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Packaging adhesive tapes

Safe packaging is the prerequisite that goods can reach their destination undamaged. With the right packaging adhesive tapes, it offers protection against a variety of influences.

Strong protection Our adhesive packaging tapes not only protect the shipment but also reinforce the carton closures. Depending on the version, they have polypropylene, PVC or paper supports suitable for manual or mechanical processing.

Printed and individualised Your company is your brand! Whether with your logo or an individual lettering: there are hardly any limits: Our packaging adhesive tapes can be printed according to your wishes.

Reliably sealed cartons are guaranteed: whether light or heavy, whether in the freezer or in the industrial hall, whether short transport by train or long journey by ship - our packaging adhesive tapes meet all requirements. They have proven themselves millions of times as a safe solution under a wide variety of conditions. And we offer the best possible quality for every application.

Versatile are the fields of application of our packaging adhesive tapes: They are used in a wide variety of industrial plants and are even suitable for deep-freezing. Of course, various hand applicators are also available.

At a glance

  • Various carrier types: PVC, PP and paper
  • Various adhesive masses: Natural rubber, synthetic rubber (hot melt) and acylate
  • Individually printable
  • A large assortment is available from stock, even in very small quantities
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