Universal protection, processed in many ways

The raw material polyethylene (PE) can be processed in a variety of ways - depending on the application in high, medium or low density. Rynag’s team will advise you competently and efficiently on the right choice of materials.

Standard Since 2008, Rynag has specialised in various types of polyethylene articles. A wide range of standard products has been available from stock ever since and is constantly being expanded.

Tailor-made Thanks to close contacts to our international manufacturers, we have established a wide variety of customer-specific designs. In order to keep the delivery times short and the prices low, we store your special production with us.

Flat pouches are available in various dimensions and materials as standard or tailored to your requirements. Various certificates in the food and pharmaceutical sectors can be issued as required. Imprints are individually possible.

Roll material made of polyethylene can be procured from the standard range as well as custom-made: whether perforated or welded. The rolls can also be folded to the desired size.

At a glance

  • Low density (LD), medium density (MD) and high density (HD) polyethylene is a convincing all-purpose protection.
  • Colours, dimensions, designs and thicknesses are selectable.
  • Large assortment available from stock.

VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)

The modern corrosion protection

VCI products create a gas/vapour atmosphere with highly effective corrosion protection. The harmless gases penetrate into all the folds of the bags and other hard-to-reach areas.

VCI productsThey form a homogeneous monomolecular "film" on the metal surface. The protective film is "self-healing" by re-condensation of the steam.


  • No toxic or flammable vapours
  • No dripping or drying timeEasy to remove
  • Full compatibility with other materials
  • No safety, health or environmental problems

Made of polyethylene can be manufactured to customer specifications. Dimensions, designs and thickness are freely selectable. The rolls can also be folded to the desired size

Are in various dimensions such as flat, pressure seal or side gusseted bags can be manufactured individually. There are almost no limits to the sizes.

Are available from stock as VCI chips, other versions are available on request.

At a glance

  • Safe storage and transport
  • Protecting and preserving valuables
  • Can also be combined with various additional characteristics, e.g. UV protection
  • Individual colouring without influence on the VCI active ingredient possible
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