Capacity limits reached

Rynag expands its premises in Uzwil and creates additional production and storage space on three floors. The new building will be ready for occupancy in one year.

The shovels had not been provided for clearing snow, although they could have been used for this purpose yesterday morning. The blades were used to break ground for the extension of the Rynag building – a milestone for the Uzwil family business.

In 1998 Marlise and Peter Raymann acquired the property at Brumoosstrasse 9. They converted the building into a commercial building with production, storage and office space. Almost 20 years later, Rynag doubled the size of its premises from 4000 to over 8000 square metres. “The extension creates urgently needed space for production and storage on a total of three floors,” says Peter Raymann. “With this investment, RYNAG is clearly committed to the municipality of Uzwil and the canton.

New customers acquired
Patric Raymann did not want to say how much the company was investing in the expansion. In January 2015, he had taken over operational management from his father. Father and son are satisfied with the business development. “With our clear strategic focus on growth, we have been able to win attractive new customers in recent years and successfully counter the strong Swiss franc by optimizing our processes,” says Patric Raymann. In addition, a department was taken over by Tesa Schweiz AG and integrated into the family business. “Our location on Brumoosstrasse has reached the limits of production and storage capacity. The extension will enable us to develop further and continue our growth strategy,” says the CEO. Construction is scheduled for completion in May 2018. In Brumoos, the Uzwil-based company has an approximately 9,000 square metre site. As part of the development of the building land, a new access road has been constructed.

Rynag develops, trades and produces industrial films and adhesive tapes. It supplies industrial and wholesale customers in Switzerland and abroad. It employs 15 people.