Rynag AG has now fully developed the 5,000 square metre site next to the existing company property on Brumoosstrasse. Including the turnaround, the Rynag AG property now covers approx. 10,000 square meters. In addition to the development of sewerage, water and street lighting, the "Brumoos" street, which was located on the newly acquired site, was rebuilt and thus moved to the west. Thus the effort for the company Rynag AG for the development of the property was indeed high.

"We are convinced that the investment in the new property and its development is worthwhile for us. For Rynag AG, the acquisition and development of the property was necessary so that we could implement our plans to expand our operations with additional production and storage space in the medium term, in three to five years. We also want to send a clear signal to the location in Uzwil," says managing director Patric Raymann. Since the handover of Peter Raymann's operational management to his successor Patric Raymann (32) in January 2015, the expectations for the course of business as a whole have been fulfilled.

Thanks to above-average growth in new customer business, Rynag AG was not only able to successfully assert itself as the leading supplier of industrial films and adhesive tapes in Switzerland, but also to gain additional market share in a market that was affected by the Franconian shock.

Acquisition of a company
The acquisition of a converting company in October 2016 was also a significant step towards expanding the value chain in Uzwil. Converting allows thin films for industrial packaging to be punched and cut. Thanks to global trends, the individualization of packaging materials offers highly attractive growth potential. The new acquisition ideally complements the existing "Carry-Handle" and "Industrial Films" business units in terms of technology and access to the European market. In connection with the acquisition, an external high-bay warehouse with an area of 1,000 sqm was acquired. In the medium term, this storage capacity is now to be
consolidated in Uzwil.

About Rynag AG
Rynag AG is a leading international wholesaler and producer of industrial films and adhesive tapes. The product range is constantly being expanded with innovations and adapted to customer requirements. The central warehouse in Eastern Switzerland, with approximately 3,000 pallet spaces, is managed semi-automatically and allows customers to benefit from a particularly high delivery readiness within 24 hours.

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