tesa® 60412 now available in the colours brown and white

tesa® 60412 is a universal packaging tape with a 70 % recycled (PCR) PET carrier and a water-based acrylic adhesive system. This product features a strong and abrasion-resistant carrier that offers excellent adhesion. Ideal for light and medium weight packaging applications weighing up to 30 kg.

The benefits of tesa® 60412 recycled PET packaging tape are remarkable – the carrier material consists of 70% recycled post-consumer PET and the production process is solvent-free. In addition, this environmentally friendly packaging tape is certified according to INGEDE method 12 and can be disposed of together with the packaging in the respective garbage can without jeopardising the cardboard recycling process.

With the launch of the new colours brown and white, we offer you additional options to suit your packaging not only in a sustainable way but also aesthetically. To meet your individual needs, we can also produce the packaging tape in your desired widths.

Discover the wide variety of applications for tesa® 60412 packaging tape and set an example for environmentally responsible packaging. Order today and benefit from our high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions.