Our adhesive solutions help industrial partners to optimise their processes and to improve their products.

Our high-quality adhesive tapes allow you to mask indoors and outdoors reliably and efficiently and to protect surfaces during various processes.

This is a coating process in which the paint is applied with a spray gun, brush or roller. To cure the paint, temperatures of 60°C to 100°C are common in the industry. There are painters who work in several baking cycles It is important that there is no adhesive left on the substrate and that the paint edges are sharp. There are applications where paint runs must be avoided – for this purpose an absorbent paper masking tape is used.

With over 50 different qualities, Rynag offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of masking tapes in Switzerland.

Powder coating is a process in which free-flowing powders are applied to a dry, electrostatically charged substrate. The cure procedure using heat (of 180 to 220°C) melts the powder and creates a thick and smooth layer of paint.

This is a surface treatment where a stream of abrasive materials is propelled by high air pressure. This process is used for cleaning, decoating or surface modification. The following grains are used: sand, glass beads, corundum, steel, plastic abrasives, nutshells, soda or ice crystals. The selection of the appropriate masking tape depends on the abrasive grain (see above), the air pressure (e.g. 4 bar) and the duration (e.g. < 8 sec) of the process.

Electroplating is the process of immersing a metal in a chemical bath. The final product surface is coated e.g. with nickel, chrome or silver. This kind of coating procedure protects the metal from rust, abrasion, UV radiation or ensures that the desired surface is obtained. The masking tape must be resistant to various aggressive chemicals (acids & alkalis) so that it does not fall off the workpiece during the coating process.

Surface protection is a temporary protection against scratching, mechanical loads or dust. The properties range from UV resistance, residue-free removal to high mechanical loads that the protective film must meet.

  • a range with over 100 different masking tapes
  • different versions can be delivered within 24h

Our fabric tapes optimise complex production processes and simplify your daily work routine. For various requirements in industry and handcraft, we offer a comprehensive range.

From masking work over duct sealing to maintenance work, our fabric tape assortment is aligned to the industry. High temperature resistance, excellent tear resistance and straight, horizontal and vertical tear-off edges highlight the premium fabric tapes.

We are specialised in the following industries and can offer certified products for:

  • Nuclear industry & disposal of asbestos
  • Cross cut tests
  • Heating and ventilation fitters as well as plumbers and installers

We offer specially certified fabric tapes for fair builders and a comprehensive range for the entertainment industry, including fluorescent, reflective, or matte fabric tape surfaces (spike tape). We provide a unique and quality-oriented range with up to eight colours. Residue-free removal and neon colours are our standard.

From long-term fabric tape with over three months UV resistance and non-corrosive adhesive, we can offer fabric tapes for any application. Easy to tear, waterproof and equipped with an enormously high adhesive strength, our range can meet the daily requirements.

  • Available in different qualities: premium, standard and duct tape
  • Available in various colours, metallic/shiny or matt
  • A large range is available from stock, even in small quantities
  • Fabric tapes are also available in special widths or as die-cuts Product consultant

We offer a comprehensive range of sealing tapes for many applications for constructive sealing, insulating or isolation purposes. Single-sided, double-sided or non-adhesive, we customise individual solutions for you.

All tapes are single-sided self-adhesive, on request double-sided adhesive or non-adhesive are also available. Various types of materials are available with filaments as well as fabrics to protect against stretching. Custom designs can also be offered.

All tapes are single-sided self-adhesive, on request double-sided adhesive or non-adhesive are also available. Various types of materials are available with filaments as well as fabrics to protect against stretching. Custom designs can also be offered.

The open-cell PU foam is absorbent and elastic. It can be easily torn by hand and is highly compressible. It is used for thermal insulation and acoustic damping in vehicles.

Specially designed to compensate tension, gap tolerances and varying surfaces. It is basically rot-proof and resistant to humidity. It is used, for example, in the manufacture of household appliances for sealing systems.

EPDM is characterised by being highly resistant to aging, weathering and UV radiation. It is particularly suitable for outdoor applications or for contact with oil, petrol or grease. It is widely used in constructional sealing processes.

Neoprene is characterised by being highly resistant to chemicals temperature as well as humidity. In addition, the neoprene cellular rubber has good properties regarding weather, aging and ozone.

Self-adhesive, closed-cell PVC foam tape. Highly conformable, bonds well in curves and circles, highly aging resistance, largely resistant to a wide range of alkalis and weak acids, as well as self-extinguishing.

  • Depending on the application, various carriers can be used
  • Individual widths on request
  • Large assortment available from stock

For which application do you need a sealing tape?

To ensure that the goods reach their destination undamaged, secure packaging is the key requirement. With the right packaging tapes, it offers protection from a wide range of influences.

Strong protection Our packaging tapes not only provide protection for the shipment, but also reinforce the cardboard closures. Depending on the design, they have polypropylene, PVC or paper carriers that are suitable for manual or automated processing.

Printed and customised Your company is your brand! No matter if with your logo or an individual lettering: our packaging tapes can be printed according to your wishes.

Reliably sealed cardboard boxes are guaranteed: whether light or heavy, in industrial freezers or halls, short transport by rail or overseas trips by ship – our packaging tapes meet all requirements. They have proven themselves millions of times as a safe solution for transporting goods under a wide variety of conditions. We offer the best possible quality for every application.

Various areas of application for our packaging tapes: they are used in a wide range of industrial operations and are even suitable for deep-freezing. As a matter of course, various hand applicators are also available.

Expectations of non-migrating adhesives or freezer-safe tapes is a standard for us. The food industry benefits from packaging solutions for safe processes. For over three decades, Rynag has for example been solving steam sterilisation-, splice- or deep-freeze-compatible adhesive systems for renowned food processors in Switzerland.

Our mission is to ensure that your high-quality manufactured plastic product reaches its destination without any damage. This involves residue-free removal on plastic surfaces as well as resistance to mechanical load. Security adhesive tapes as well as paper or wet adhesive tapes are used where packaging must be safe to prevent tampering.

Our assortment stands out to hold together moving parts as well as securing of sensitive surfaces. Fiberglass reinforced adhesive tapes, which can withstand enormous loads, are suitable to strap pipes or barrels. Residue-free removal is relevant for temporary adhesion such as aluminium coils.

Drawer fixing, transport safety or simple labelling on glasses or doors should not cause adhesive residues or surface damage. Our purpose developed range of adhesive tapes for the glass, door and furniture industry can handle any application and can be removed from a wide variety of substrates without leaving any residues.

Individually manufactured security packaging tapes not only protect the product during transportation, but also prevent the valuable contents from tampering. Once the packaging has been tampered, the adhesive is destroyed, and it won’t stick anymore. Customised security features can be individually printed on the tape, which can provide a maximum of tamper evidence.

  • Weight and surface of the packaging
  • Manual or automated packaging
  • Type-neutral packaging (recyclable)
  • Climatic conditions
  • Mechanical load
  • Value of the goods

In all industries, structural long-term adhesion plays a key role. Rynag offers one of the most comprehensive ranges for technical adhesive. To meet the most complex industry requirements, these range from adhesive transfer tapes and acrylic core tapes to fabric and film tapes.

This high performance double-sided adhesive tape offers a long-lasting and powerful adhesion and can compensate dynamic, static and temperature stresses. Because of its high processing reliability, it offers a simple solution for challenging material combinations such as plastics and any variety of metals.

Specially developed to compensate for stresses, gap tolerances and different surfaces. It absorbs shocks and dampens noises. Excellent for permanent bonding such as bonding decorative elements. For irregular surfaces, the conformable foam carrier compensates for the irregularities and bonds to the complete surface.

Double-sided adhesive tapes with film carrier are ideal for the fair, plastics and electronics industries. They are comparatively thin, dimensionally stable and ideal to bond level surfaces. Double-sided adhesive tapes with film carrier are particularly suitable for the residue-free removal of temporary adhesions such as bonding floor coverings.

The double-sided adhesive tapes with non-woven carrier can be torn by hand. It is used for splicing operations in the paper and corrugated board industry and is suitable for foam and rubber material lamination.

The double-sided tapes with fabric carrier are suitable for rough as well as fibrous surfaces. It can be torn by hand and are characterised by its high abrasion resistance.

Die Transferklebebänder zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass ich keinen Träger besitzen. D.H. sie bestehen aus einem Klebmassenverbund. Die Vorteile sind, exzellente Anfragsklebkraft sowie sehr dünn. Wird häufig in der Papierveredlung angewendet, um z.B. Dekorelemente aufzukleben oder bei Spleissvorgängen.

HAF is a film that is non-adhesive at room temperature. When heat is applied, the adhesive mass of the film is activated and an adhesive strength of up to 30N/mm2 can be reached. The adhesive strength depends on three parameters: Time, temperature and applied pressure. These applications can be found e.g. in the smart card industry.

  • Various carrier types are available
  • Dimensions, designs and thickness can be customised
  • A large range is available from stock, even in small quantities

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