Carry handles

The carry handle developed by Rynag itself is sold worldwide. It combines 30 years of experience, technological innovation and precision – adapted to the needs of our customers.

For over 30 years, under clean room conditions with five state-of-the-art lines we have been producing carry handles for the world’s most famous brands.

Today, the flat roll is used for promotions or generally for smaller series. The minimum quantity is about 5,000 handles and can be produced in widths of 25, 30, 37.5, 50, 75 mm. The inlay is made of paper which can be printed with up to seven colours. The paper length ranges from 70 mm to a maximum of 500 mm. The repeat length from 170 mm to 900 mm.

Cross-wound rolls are suitable for machine applications in industrial bulk production. The minimum quantity depends on the raw material of the inlay. Foam inlays with a thickness of up to 3 mm as well as films and various types of paper can be processed. Inlay lengths from 120 mm to a maximum of 500 mm and repeat lengths from 200 mm to a maximum of 700 mm can be produced.

During this process, a cardboard strip is merged and applied with an adhesive tape directly on the line at the end customer’s site. This gives the customer a high degree of flexibility with a wide range of different designs. The customer benefits from short changeover times and small batch sizes.

  • 3 mm foam carry handles
  • PE film carry handles are recyclable

Our research and development department has worked with renowned film manufacturers to develop components that can be recycled.
This results in two major advantages:

  • Consumer

The consumer can hand in the shrink wrap and carry handle together at the PE recycling point and thus return the recyclable material to the cycle.

  • Manufacturer

The manufacturer benefits from a significantly improved eco-balance.

We already produce the world’s most ecological carry handle for renowned brands. In addition, we produce 100% of the electricity for our entire carry handle production ourselves.

  • Composition:

The inlay as well as the adhesive tape are made of components that are neutral in terms of type, which belong to the group of polyolefins.

  • The adhesive:

Consists of natural rubber and is obtained from controlled rubber plants.

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